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Welcome to the future of Public Relations + Marketing + Branding.

Occasionally, a press release about your company’s new product, significant hire, or acquisition fails to pick up the steam you were expecting. Journalists and businesses alike crave those salacious stories and viral marketing campaigns that everyone will likely remember until the end of time but standing out in a sea of conventional marketing strategies is one of the biggest challenges for any public relations or marketing professional.


At Dani & Shay, we always put our best foot forward to market, brand, and provide creative writing and communication coaching services for your company, thus making you stand out in the never-ending ocean of business marketing and public relations strategy.

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Public Relations

  • Media Representation.

  • Crisis Communication.

  • Content Development & Management.

  • Social Media Management.


  • Product/service management

  • Marketing-information management 

  • Pricing 

  • Distribution 

  • Promotion

  • Selling

  • Social Media Management.


  • Attributes

  • Benefits

  • Values

  • Culture

  • Personality

  • Communication Coaching & Training

Creative Writing

Dani & Shay also specializes in specific creative writing for our clients everyday, special occasion and marketing needs. 

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Real results, for real people with real intention.

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